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Clinical & Pharmacy

How can I reduce the amount of misaligned HCPCS/CPT and NDC codes my team deals with?

Comprehensive current and historical HCPCS/CPT® prices for medically covered drugs.

Maximum dosing and HCPCS/CPT® code unit limits and single dose information to identify overbilling and wastage for high cost / high utilization medically covered drugs.

Claims & Reimbursement Analysis

Where can I go for the source of truth related to reimbursement policies?

Leverage the most comprehensive crosswalk for HCPCS/CPT and NDC coding either as a reference tool or fully automate claims.

Appropriate drug administration and diagnostic codes (ICD-CM-10) related to medically covered drug HCPCS/CPT® (Reimb) Codes.

Avoid unavailable, incomplete, inaccurate or out of date data for Administration code data aligned with specific HCPCS/CPT® codes. Enable other departments to access this data directly.

Provider Network

How can I enable my providers to submit claims correctly using NDC codes?

Provide your provider network with a direct portal to your reimbursement policies and how to submit claims using correct HCPCS/CPT and NDC crosswalks.

24/7 access to medically covered drug detail, coding, crosswalk, pricing, conversion, dosing, and diagnostic data

Realize operational efficiencies through the ability to access (24/7), interact with and manipulate medically covered drug detail, coding crosswalk, pricing, conversion, dosing, and diagnostic data.