Quarterly Drug Coding, Reimbursement, Pipeline Update Webinar – Q3 2019

Join RJ’s Jason Young – SVP Clinical Data Operations, Todd Cooperman – SVP Clinical Insights and Analytics, and Chris Webb – Director of Product Development, as they review the drug coding updates, revisions, and issues observed over 2019’s third quarter.


Learn about:

New and Existing Code Updates – HCPCS Codes: J Codes, Q Codes

•  Biosimilars
•  Revisions
•  Deletions
•  Changes to billable units

Pricing Updates

•  Price changes
•  Price trends
•  Medicare Allowable (ASP) Highlights

Issues Observed

•  Impact of issues
•  Approaches to resolve, address

Annual Update: ICD10-CM

•  Additions
•  Deletions
•  Revisions

Specialty Drug Pipeline

•  Specialty FDA Reviews Expected in Q4 2019


RJ Health is a drug data, application & analytics provider to the pharmacy reimbursement market, who brings scalability to specialty drug innovation. We focus on specialty drug innovation (new approvals and additional indications), as well as normalizing reimbursement for drug classifications that have market forces at-play (generics / biosimilars, rebates, and CMS policy). The company provides industry standard pricing, coding, dosing, weight, age, and diagnosis data & analyses to pharmacy, market access, claims, billing, finance, and network management clientele. RJ Health ensures transparency between manufacturer, payor, provider, pharmacies and their respective solution vendors (PBMs, Payment Integrity, Revenue Cycle, EHR, etc…) – all licensees of RJ Health data. 

Our tools and data:

Assist in understanding drug pricing and healthcare reimbursement for drug claims

Enable organizations to look up and crosswalk NDCs and HCPCS codes – J codes, C codes and other

 Assist in calculating drug dosage accurately and ensure claims are reimbursed properly based on unit requirements

Ensure claim accuracy and crosswalk drug codes

Help organizations make the best decisions for drug formularies

Combine clinical diagnosis and procedural coding matched to the right drug and dosage, as well as the most cost-efficient specialty drug price