Employee Engagement at its Best – Announcing the Winners of the RJ Health “Your Idea Innovation Challenge”

The winners of the 2019 RJ Health Innovation Challenge, a competition designed to inspire innovation and engagement among our team, were announced at an awards luncheon held at the company’s headquarters in Middletown, CT.

Jason Young, Kelly Black, Paul Rector, and Cristina Arnold

RJ Health has historically engaged its employees through similar challenges, along with quarterly social and team volunteering activities, and is aware that employee engagement is highly related to positive business outcomes, employee commitment to the company, as well as employee health and well-being.  “All of us at RJ Health serve our customers, indirectly and directly, so we think about the challenges of Payors & Providers with Specialty Drugs daily. The Innovation Challenge provided a vehicle for everyone to participate.  We are thrilled that over 51% of our team took part in the challenge.” Stated Paul Rector, CEO.

According to Jon Fahey, Senior Analyst, Products & Innovation, “The RJ Health Innovation Challenge was far more than discovering our next best product or offering. Business Innovation often leads to strong resistance.  However, the month-long challenge brought about comradery and was an exercise that engaged all RJ employees.

Manoj Kumar, Todd Cooperman, Teja, Kelly Black, Jenna Daly, Jon Fahey, Paul Rector

The winning entries of the Innovation Challenge were reviewed blindly by an RJ Health Ideas Review Committee who used a scoring system to narrow down the multiple entries.  The categories for the challenge were Enhancement, a change to an existing product or process which had 53% of the submissions, New Process with 26%, and New Product with 21%. The Target of Ideas benefit RJ Health customers across the board, Payor, Pharma, Provider, PBM, Government Compliance, as well as Internal company innovation ideas.

The First-Place winner is Kelly Black, PharmD and RJ Health’s Pharmacy Data Specialist with her submission of “Exportable file from RC search by Therapeutic categories (Opioid, Chemo etc.).”  In Second Place, Andrew McFarland, Manager, Account Administration, submitted “Claim check in RCCA”.  Third Place went to Teja, Director Information Services who submitted, “Automated API Trial Development.”  And Best Internal Idea went to Jenna Daly, Senior Healthcare Informatics Analyst, for her submission of “Establish Shiny server to host advanced analytics applications.”  “Jenna’s ability to identify a way to create additional value to our customer through new delivery methods that lowers the threshold to generating value is a key goal for us.” Stated Todd Cooperman, PharmD, MBA, R.Ph., Senior Vice President, Clinical Insights and Analytics.

“Kudos to all the RJ employees!  While this was a win for RJ Health, our customers are the true winners. As Thomas Edison once said, “There is a way to do it better. Find it.”  RJ employees did exactly that.” said Manoj Kumar, SVP, Products and Innovation.

Many thanks to all who participated in submitting innovative ideas to the RJ Health Innovation Challenge and helped make it a success!

Far right: Andrew McFarland