Webinar – Precision Medicine for Health Plans: Genetic Testing and Claims Payment


The pace of advancement in genetics and precision medicine is staggering. Today, there are more than 75,000 genetic testing products on the market, and more than ⅓ of therapies in the development pipeline are for molecularly-defined conditions. In this webinar, experts in genetic testing, drug spend, and claims payment automation will provide practical insight on the present and future of precision medicine and how leading health plans are managing the space. Join our Panel Webinar to discuss the challenges of managing coverage and reimbursement amidst the rapid evolution of genetic testing and targeted therapies.

Precision Medicine for Health Plans

February 13th, 2PM EST

A collaboration with Concert Genetics and Burgess.



Which areas of genetic testing are driving growth, spend, and complexity, and where are the near-term opportunities for more effective management?

What is the current state of the market for targeted therapies?

How is genetic-informed medicine is changing the claims payment process?

Todd Cooperman, PharmD, MBA, RPh
Senior Vice President, Clinical Insights and Analytics
RJ Health

Gillian Hooker, PhD, ScM, LCGC
VP, Clinical Development
Concert Genetics

Jared Lorinsky
Chief Strategy Officer



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