AMCP 2018 Highlight

Day 2 AMCP 2018 presentations provided continuing opportunities for learning, networking and the sharing of ideas.

Today’s headline session presented by Douglas Long, BS, MBA focused on pharmacy marketplace trends.  Of note was that Hepatitis is no longer a key topic, demonstrating a trend towards successful treatment of this patient population.  While the data presented was not focused on specialty pharmacy, a key point included increased development of medical drug benefit management capabilities including…

  • Development of Medical Formularies
  • Increased Utilization Management
  • Shifting of Medical Benefit Drugs to the Pharmacy Benefit
  • Site of Care Management

Challenges surrounding the uptake of biosimilars continue to be of interest as evidenced in a science and innovation session where speakers Bruce A. Feinberg, DP and Edward Pezalla, MD, MPH, addressed current issues.  They contrasted the market uptake of infliximab with filgrastim biosimilars noting one reason for filgrastim acceptance is the availability of objective short-term efficacy measures.  Another issue cited was lack of provider acceptance due to multiple reasons including safety.  During the presentation, data was reported which showed greater acceptance around safety issues by hematology/oncology, neurology and gastroenterology providers verses dermatology and rheumatology.  Finally, they recommended the following steps while preparing to overcome common market barriers:

  • Provider Education
  • Favorable Patient Financial Responsibility Design
  • Reevaluation of Rebate Models
  • Structuring Reimbursement at the Same or Higher Rate than the Reference Product

Please see the following RJ Health blog for additional background on biosimilars.

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