The New ReimbursementCodes website is coming very soon!

Starting on January 23rd, when you visit, you will see a brand new website. When you login to your account at the top of the page you will still be directed to the classic ReimbursementCodes website. This new public site will give you a taste of the new ReimbursementCodes experience coming in the next few weeks.

What is the new experience coming in the next few weeks?

  • The new ReimbursementCodes is centered around a simplified workflow that opens up all data modules to our users. Some of the new features include:
  • Global search of all data based on product or drug name, HCPCS/CPT codes, NDC codes, ICD-10s and Therapeutic Class
  • One-click, unified view of the drug information, code level pricing and the NDC crosswalk on the Drug Card
  • Calculators, billable unit conversion, price change highlights, filters, and sorting
  • Convenience features such as adding Favorites, search by “Top” categories, Notifications and Alerts
  • The availability of all data modules for Pricing, NDC Crosswalk, NDC Conversion, Min/Max, Part B or Part D, Drug Diagnosis Coding 10 (ICD-10-CM), Age/Gender, CMAC and Administration Codes

To our users, we are excited about the new experience ReimbursementCodes will provide and encourage you to dive into the data.

Our commitment to improving our data will continue throughout 2017. Your feedback is necessary to help enhance the ReimbursementCodes platform.

To see the new website before it launches, sign up for an Overview Demo of the New ReimbursementCodes below.