Introducing the New Reimbursement Codes

We’ve listened to you, the users of ReimbursementCodes, who wanted more from our data, more functionality, and more actionable interactions. For the past year, the team at RJ Health has been building a new version of ReimbursementCodes that will help improve your workflow and enhance the way that you access our datasets on

The new ReimbursementCodes is focused on three primary value goals:

  1. A simplified workflow centered around code and price data
  2. Features and functions that make the data actionable to solve problems
  3. Enrich the experience through full access to all data

Here are some major changes you will see:

  1. An integrated and globally accessible, search entry field versus multiple search boxes
  2. Elimination of multiple clicks to get to the data or switch between data views
  3. Remove any need to manually calculate price and units
  4. One click to your ‘Favorite’ codes or NDC codes
  5. Filter and sort partial search results
  6. Filter and sort the NDC crosswalk data
  7. Unified data interface called the ‘Drug Card’ and ‘Detail Panels’

In this post we’ll break down three new features, Global Search, Favorite Codes and Calculators.

With Global Search, will no longer force you to perform a specific search. Start your search by simply entering a partial code, keyword, pretty much anything, to see results across the data categories.

Global Search takes the guess work out of diving into our data. The results will provide you all applicable HCPCS and CPT Codes from your entry. You can also filter on these results to further narrow your result set.

Favorite Codes

We’ve heard frustration from users of ReimbursementCodes who go into the same code over and over by performing a search, clicking on the code, and clicking on a data module to access the info that they need. We’re changing that process to eliminate the repetitive search process for frequently accessed codes.

Favorite Codes, will provide direct access to these products in our new “Cards” section. Favorite Codes will also provide Alerts on pricing changes, new NDCs entering the crosswalk and CMS changes based on your selected products.


We know claims are rarely submitted with a single Billable Unit, mL, vial etc. Many of the calculations needed for actionable use of our data were still being done manually. Need to know what the Medicare Allowable is for 115 units of J1745?  Simply enter in the Date of Service and number of Units of the Code and our new NDC Calculator will apply that datato show the final calculated price for the Code.

RJ Health’s Calculator will be enhanced to include NOC Codes, allowing the ability to select the various units of measure (UOM) from a claim and price these products without a drug specific HCPCS/CPT Code.

Many more features are on the way

Global Search, Favorite Codes, and Calculators are only three of many enhancements coming soon to the brand new ReimbursementCodes. We’ve been hard at work and almost ready to share the final product with our dedicated users.

Want to learn more about the new ReimbursementCodes?

Stay tuned for more updates and release info. If you’d like to learn more and view a demo of the product, email to schedule a meeting with our Product team. Or comment below with which enhancement you’re most excited about!


Chris Webb, CPhT
Product Development
RJ Health