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RJ Health has a new white paper available for download. Automated Controls for Medical Drug Spend by RJ Health’s Chief Innovation Officer, George Herchenroether – Appropriate reimbursement for drugs covered by the medical benefit requires more data and structure than most medical claims or billing systems were originally intended to process. This applies even more […]

Control your Medical Drug Spend.  Learn about medically covered specialty drug pricing methods.  Explore the differences between AWP, WAC, ASP, APC.  Discover NDC level pricing and Code level pricing. Webinar: Shedding Light on Medically Covered Specialty Drug Pricing Methods In this new ReimbursementCodes webinar, Shedding Light on Medically Covered Specialty Drug Pricing Methods, we will […]

The Power of Data in the Healthcare Ecosystem Advances in technology and data are shifting the tides of nearly every industry today. Data that is vital to business success, improved patient care, and pharmaceutical advancement is within fingertip reach. We have only experienced the very tip of the iceberg of the power of data in […] WEBINAR – February 1st, 2:00PM EST Solving for Incorrectly Mapped NDC to HCPCS/CPT® Codes And Improperly Reported NDC Units: In discussions with our customers regarding Medical Pharmaceuticals claims, over 30% submitted with an NDC had an incorrectly mapped HCPCS/CPT® Code and/or improperly reported NDC units. These types of errors may lead to miscalculated reimbursement rates, […]