Correct claim errors prior to submission, adjudication: real-time in-process claim edits via RJ Health’s quick, sub-second API calls

In Medical Drug Edit Blog Posts #1 & #2, we learned how Medical Drug Edits can enhance Medical Drug claim submission and reimbursement accuracy.  However, the utilization of an API (Application Programming Interface) to deliver Medical Drug Edits can further improve the Medical Drug pre-claim review process.

Specifically, the use of an API can:

  • Speed Medical Drug Edit implementation
  • Simplify billing/medical claim system integration
  • Be an integral part of the automation of pre-adjudication/submission claim edits
  • Provide real-time, in-process claim edit responses
  • Reduce overall claim turn-around time

In fact, you can experience the easy access and speedy returns the with which the API processes requests by signing up for a free Sandbox trial! Email us at


Contact RJ Health to see how we can create a custom Medical Drug Edit solution which will be delivered in real-time via our API platform to meet your specific Medical Drug claim review needs.

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